The audience

It turns out we are the audience.  We buy the toothpaste.  We take the vacations.  We check out the new ‘whatever’ it is we want to buy.  We are the people that get marketed to.  And we are the people that the entire advertising industry is based upon.  Basically, to sell us something.

Only thing is, we are an tricky to capture bunch.  And its only getting  trickier.

It used to be that media (and our attention) was controlled by the distribution channel.  The media told us when we could consume news, or entertainment.  We had to dictate our schedules (and give our attention) to the media bosses.  Our attention could then be packaged, sold, and monetized through relatively straightforward advertising means.

That control is changing.  We, the audience, now get to say how, when, and where we consume information and entertainment.  We get to choose and we’re never giving that control back.  Ever.

Fragmentation of websites, mobile access, twitter streams, facebook updates, smartphones, tablets, satellite radio, DVRs, iPods, netflix, all are causing YOU the media company big problems, but not us the audience.  We love it.  We own our “eyeballs” and we’re calling the shots now.

What we want? 

  • We want authentic voices that know what they’re talking about. 
  • We want quality of content as much in its information quality as in its entertainment quality. 
  • We want creative ways of consuming.
  • We want it whenever we decide.
  • Oh, and we want it from people we trust.

We don’t mind advertising. Just the opposite, we actually like advertising.  It helps us find things.  Things that are meaningful and relevant – maybe even important – to us.  Except when its none of those things.  Then advertising just sucks.

I’m excited to work in the market I’m in.  Its almost like its not work, but more of an interesting opportunity to solve for.  I love being the audience.