More decisions, faster

I believe in being scrappy.  I believe in being market-driven.  I believe in making more decisions, faster.

We each see the world through our own lens.  Everyone sits somewhere on a spectrum of comfort or discomfort with ambiguity & uncertainty. More conservative folks tend to want to tamp down uncertainty & ambiguity.  More risk-oriented folks are more comfortable with ambiguity & uncertainty.  And to be clear this has zero to do with thoughtful analysis or data. Both are necessary, important, and not sufficient.  I'm not sure who said it, but the adage "not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted counts" is so true.

I generally lean toward risk. That's not always good, but I think the opposite is worse.  The good news is that nearly all decisions are reversible - except when they're not - but those one-way door decisions are few and far between.  

Certain roles and certain people bias to being more "conservative" on the uncertainty & ambiguity spectrum.  People sometimes get to where they are by tamping down uncertainty.  The challenge is that nearly every innovation or strategic choice requires a decision gets made that has a non-zero chance it could fail.  Risk is defined as the potential for a bad outcome.  The world is probabilistic.

How can one be more market-driven, more focused on the better future, more velocity-oriented?  A bias to the uncertain side of the spectrum. One standard deviation from the middle of the bellcurve.