A few company rules

#213 Family members in a company never work.  At least in investor-backed, fast moving, companies.  It never turns out well.  I’ve seen enough husband-wife, brothers, Father-son, debacles..  I always hear the same “we’re different” excuse.  It never works.  See also, rule: #214 intimate relationships in business never work.

#107 Doing just your job will eventually get you fired.  Its never enough just to work hard.  Anyone that tries can work hard. Even really really hard.  Its about going outside your comfort zone and doing something that helps the company go faster, get bigger, or do something more than just your job.

#23 If I don’t hear from you, it means things are not going well.  This goes for nearly every situation I’ve ever been in.  If I don’t hear from a CEO where I’m on the board, it means something is wrong.  If I don’t hear from a product manager it means the schedule is slipping.  If I don’t hear from a sales exec it means she is going to miss her number.  No communication = bad things are happening.

#589 No one is ever too busy to return an email.

#961 Early adopters who absolutely fall in love with your product will kill your chances of success.  Listen instead to those that are frustrated, hormonal, and want to be loved.  They give you the best feedback.

#11 Despite our best intentions, no one ever hires a generalist.  It sounds great, and I’m all about the true business athlete.  Problem is: it’s a mythical role.  People get hired to do certain things.  You have to be really good at some ‘thing(s)’ in order to be a great generalist.