What Matters

It turns out that I'm more interested in other stuff than I was in the stuff I was learning in school. That changed when I got to grad school. The difference was that I wanted to learn the material because I found it interesting; it mattered to me. I had genuine interest because I got to choose the path of what I was learning and it meant something to me and where I wanted to spend my time.

As I’ve gone further and further down the path of my life the same thing has happened. I learn more about the market I work in because I’m interested. I learn about technology, finance, deal structures, organizational dynamics, sales, marketing, etc. etc. because I’m interested. I have a great wife and a happy relationship because I’m interested. I love what I do because I’m interested.  When my feet hit the floor every morning, I literally can’t wait to start my day.  I have a thousand ideas, plans, and thoughts because I’m interested.

Frisco Cross2_2009_1About 4 years ago I started racing Cyclocross. I’d been riding bikes as long as I can remember, and have gone through various phases of focus on BMX, Mountain biking, Road biking. I even spent 10 days in France last summer riding the Tour de France course and storied climbs before the racers came through. Cyclocross however grabbed my interest.

I’d like to say that my interest in ‘cross has made me a top flight competitor in my age/category. It hasn’t. What my interest has done however is made it one of the most fun things I do on a bike. I have a solid group of riding buddies, I help lead a weekly early morning training ride, and I race in every weather condition imaginable, all because I’m interested. I may not be the best or the fastest and that’s OK. What I’m sure of is that my interest makes it one of the most enjoyable things I do.