Even more rules

#73 Work is inextricably intertwined with life.  If you don’t believe me you probably need to get a new one.

#19 Saying you’ll do something and actually doing it is not the same thing.  This is even worse if you’re a repeat offender.  This is somewhat to #963: we don’t get paid for activity.

#327 Doing more than what’s expected is expected.  This is sort of a derivative of rule #107.

#11 Your job is to add value to a customer.  If you don’t do this directly, then at least make sure you support someone that does.  If neither are you, then you should become a Buddhist monk.

#31 Any large technology purchase will be immediately followed by other large technology purchases.  A management console.  Additional power.  Cabling.  And eventually a desktop support person.

#4 Marketing’s job is to make sales superfluous.  Marketing people usually fall in one of 2 camps, those that understand this, and those that have short life-spans.