Why not just start things off right?

Want a great start to the New Year?  Try this:

  1. Go to Walk Score
  2. Type in your home address
  3. Check out all the places you can walk to that are within 1 Mile

Did you know?

  • That is takes less than 15 mins to walk a mile?
  • That it takes less than 6 mins to ride your bike a mile?
  • A 2001 National Household Travel Survey revealed that 41 percent of all trips in 2001 were shorter than two miles and 28 percent were shorter than one mile.

Here’s an example from our old house on 11th Street in North Boulder:


The site also lists each of the local business and services along with their distance.

If you’re looking for a really basic and easily attainable New Years resolution, including one that has real impact on your health and the environment, take 5 minutes and check out your own Walk Score.  You’ll be amazed.

Check out the Carbon Trace blog post for more on the background, details, and where the idea came from.