Where's Wally?

Still here.. just freekin’ busy.

1. Bought a house (10 acres, horse property)

2. Can’t live in it (since May) because it was mouse-infested and had asbestos everywhere

3. Demo-ed the entire inside of the house, removed asbestos, walls, floors, wiring, plumbing, everything

4. Oops, need a building permit from the Republic of Boulder to do that

5. Attacked by (and then dispatched) a 6 ft Snake on said horse property

6. Finally got building permit (it ONLY took 2 months, and many hoops to jump through)

7. Wish the workers would take more work breaks than smoke breaks

8. Finally seeing some progress

9. Should be out of living in the parent’s basement by November

Oh and in the meantime…

We are knocking the cover off the ball here at Lijit.  Our network is growing at over 100% Q/Q and we just raised $7.1 in new VC financing.  It was a super-smooth fund raise, but they all take special time and attention to get done and get done right.  Now all we have to do is execute.  How hard can that be?!?

Found some time to ride my bike, although all my cycling friends are crushing the "slow guy".  I did manage to complete the Triple Bypass and the Sunrise century.  This weekend its the Buffalo Classic.