When in doubt – talk to a customer.

It happens that I get to work in a fascinating, quickly evolving, and super-fun market.  Doing what we do is constantly entertaining and we get a “ring-side seat” to watch this enormous shift in how brands interact with publishers and more directly converse with consumers.  The innovation and creativity of the people and companies in our market can be awesome and sometimes overwhelming.  Even the most in-tune people can get confused and its tough to separate the signal from the noise.  Uncertainty is everywhere, which is a good thing.  It’s a good thing because it creates opportunity.

If you really listen to the market – and smart with your filter – its easy to hear the answer.  Conversations (with customers, clients, partners, competitors) cut through all bullshit.  No matter how much rhetoric and how much b.s. is out there, its all pretty easy to slice through when you talk to the customer.  I think at the end of the day there’s reality and stuff that actually works, and then there’s everything else.  If it sounds more complicated than it needs to be, it is.