What we do for our dogs..

This time we drove..  not an hour or two, but 17.  All in one day.  Granted there was a nasty snow storm we had to navigate, but even with dry roads it would’ve been 14 or 15 hours round trip to far southwest Colorado and back to Boulder.

We just picked up a new puppy, Hazel.  She’s 8 weeks and full of spastic puppy energy.  Not sure our other dog, Moots, thinks she’s all that yet.  I’m sure he’ll come around as soon as he figures out she’s a captive playmate.  The dirt level in our house will quadruple and we’ll have the occasional broken something-or-other from too much rough-housing.  Aren’t dogs awesome?

Hazel: Hazel first day 3    Moots:  Pictures June 2006 a020