Venture capitalists are “meta” smart.

Lots of people are deeply smart about very particular things.  Niches that they dig into and become experts in.  They become masters of their domain.  They understand their ecosystem of a particular economy of a business. It’s this hard-earned knowledge that they willingly summarize and impart on VC’s, top business executives, angel investors, “celebrity” entrepreneurs and the like that make their audience “meta” smart.

Ever wonder why the VC’s you meet are so damn smart?  Because they constantly have really really smart successful or aspiring entrepreneurs educating them all the time about all sorts of interesting things.  They get to listen and learn from these experts,  operators, and people on the front lines.

A lot of times I reach out to people I don’t know.  I titled this blog firstnamedotlastname for a reason.  Mostly because IT departments will create an alias email of the for everyone in the company – and I use this trick all the time to contact people I don’t know, but want to.

But why do I have to sleuth out someone’s email address?  To me, it’s silly that people and companies don’t just make their email address available publicly.  I can reach anyone with a little digging, a few google searches, a message through LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.  Why make me go that extra mile?  Why not hang out an “open for business” sign?

I can’t afford not to let people easily and directly contact me.

Like most people I get spam emails and dumb solicitations all the time.  But those are easily deleted and/or filtered.  What I can’t afford to do is limit my exposure to new ideas, new people, or new ways of looking at things.  We live and work in an environment today that requires constant learning.  We can’t do it all ourselves and we need other really smart people to help. 

I aspire to be “meta” smart.