Like the pig

At breakfast the chicken is involved, but the pig is committed.

Lots of people take on challenges.  Losing weight, running a marathon, climbing a rock, starting and building a profitable business.  It all seems to get easier once you get past the point of no return and you’re committed to being committed. 

Its fine to have moments of self-doubt and concern.  That’s a normal human emotion and it happens to everyone.  Imagine investing a ton of other people’s money into a company and then not being involved in the day to day execution, but being accountable for the results.  Or maybe you took on responsibility for an important job at the office, but you don’t have absolute control over all the variables.  In either case, the difference comes down to commitment and conviction. Do you believe? and are you 100% engaged in attaining success – no matter what.

Start with who is on the bus.  Even if its just you, and the who is just your internal thoughts and emotions.  Make sure you have the right who (you) on-board.