I can remember with complete clarity the times when I received feedback so honest and pure it felt like getting smacked in the head with a 2×4. Those moments when someone I trusted cut through all my bullshit and knocked the wind out of me with an insight or challenge that made me a better leader and I hope a better person.

I get feedback, coaching, advice, and suggestions all the time. Some of it is helpful, some not as much. But there’s a massive difference in the type of ‘knock you on your ass’ feedback that materially shapes my thinking, behaviors, and who I aspire to be. That sort of feedback happens at irregular and unpredictable intervals. And every time it comes from someone that tells it to me like it is, while also caring very personally about me without regard to his or her own agenda.

To improve something is to be transparent and truthful – while caring deeply and unselfishly about the outcome.