Goals, keep me going in the right direction


I haven’t been posting on my blog very much recently..  Things got a little crazy at work and the time (priority?) just hasn’t been there.  I do think about it, but simply haven’t gotten the spare minutes to do it.

We’re going through those growing pains that all companies do when they hit a certain size.  Priorities shift toward execution, revenue generation, and a general maturation of getting bigger, needing to move faster, and with more precision.  The great part about where we are is that our network is growing so damn fast that our market opportunity is there for the capturing – which gets me back to the ‘time and priorities’ place I started this post.

I have managed to get out and ride recently.  Below is a heart-rate and altitude snapshot of the Triple Bypass ride I did a week or so ago from Evergreen to Avon (120 Miles and 3 mountain passes).


I try and make a point to do this ride every year.  This was my 5th time out on course.  Its a great way to break up the summer (it occurs every year in mid-July).  I like it because its something to build toward, and keeps me honest as far as my riding goes.  This year I caught up with Andrew Davision, Jeff Schafer, Rushton McGarr, and Steve Frank.  A 7:50 ride time is still fairly respectable, and I’m glad the above crew (who are all much stronger/faster than me) didn’t mind me drafting wheels a good part of the way.

Back to the point of the post..  I enjoy writing on my blog and I’m glad I tuned into the medium for a variety of reasons.  I can’t write everything I want to write, but at least I can carve out 15 minutes once in a while.  Sort of like my putting the Triple on the calendar every year, it gives me something to shoot for.