Pedal like hell

I like mountain biking analogies.  Like business there are different styles, types, and terrain.  Some people ride singlespeeds, some free-ride, and some ride on bike paths (dirt or no dirt).

I was forwarded recently an excellent article written by Ben Horowitz.  Ben and I've never met, but his candor and insights/opinions are awesomely raw and straight to the point.  Agree with him or not, it doesn't really matter.  You still come away with an interesting opinion and point of view worth considering.

In one of Ben's recent posts, he used the analogy similar to one I often think about – although mine comes from mountain biking.

Anyone that's ever really ridden or raced off-road knows not to stare or fixate on an obstacle.  If you do, inevitably you'll run square into it.  Weird, but true.  The more you focus on the danger, the more likley it is you steer towards it.  Instead: look down the trail.  See the path you want to take.  Acknowledge the rock, root, or rut, but don't focus on it.  Focus on where you want to go and pedal like hell.