If it looks like a nail...

Your only tool is a hammer..

The thing is that once you know a lot about something, the tendency is to view things through that filter.  It struck me when I read an interesting article in the NYT today.

The notion is that the more you know about something through learned experience, you begin to subconsciously block out new ideas or ways of doing things.  This isn’t always a bad thing (like not touching a hot surface again and again), but when you’re looking to expand your business or create new avenues for growth, or in the extreme case of entering new markets, this can be crippling to your chances of success.

This isn’t to say that knowledge, wisdom and experience aren’t important.  Rather, the point is that understanding one’s proclivities and having a good degree of self-awareness is equally as important.  Examining things at their fundamental or root level is a useful exercise and undoubtedly will reveal new and significant opportunities.