Avoid boring

We’re all in danger.  It can happen when we least expect it.  We get comfortable and complacent and the next thing you know, we’re boring and worse we become irrelevant.

Know anyone like this?  They talk about the same things.  They reek of the glory days.  They rely on past experience, always, to a fault.  They refuse to embrace change and instead cling to things that are familiar and comfortable.  There’s a reason that successful teams are really only successful once or maybe twice, never three times.  They get comfortable and complacent.  They fall back onto what got them success the first time and meanwhile the world has continued to move, evolve and change.

The only way to stop this from happening is to constantly learn new things, try new things, explore new things, study, read, experiment, and get huge healthy doses of variety.  This doesn’t mean you have to “hammer” all the time, it simply means that you have to consciously push yourself to think about things differently.  If there is a new tool, try it.  If there’s a new idea, consider it.  It doesn’t mean new is always better, but at a minimum you need to understand why it might be important or why it might be dumb.

We keep our edge by constantly thinking, learning and trying new things.  Building on what base you’ve already established.  It’s almost like an insatiable need to examine where you are today and look to what you could be tomorrow.  The insatiable need isn’t obsessive, but rather its more subtle than that.  How do I get better, fitter, faster, stronger, more resilient?  What tools, techniques, and emerging ideas can I try?  What works best for me today is not necessarily what is going to work best for me next week or next month.  And, like all good regimens, you have to schedule specific down time to rest and recover in order to let the muscles build from the stresses of strecthing yourself.

If you look around now, are you becoming boring? Are you getting soft with comfort?  What got you to where you are today is not the same thing that will get you to the next level.  I hate it when things are static and routine – and worse – boring or irrelevant.