Admit One.

Step right up.  Get your one-way ticket to ride the ride.

free ticket

At the close of every quarter we do a review with the entire management team.  Typically these meetings are a chance for everyone to share their successes, how they or their team performed against their goals and get collaborative feedback on what did and didn’t work.  Its also an opportunity to set goals and discuss tactics for the upcoming quarter.  In general I think everyone gets a lot out of it and its a great level-set for where we are as a business.

At this last review we started off with a presentation called: “Ticket to Ride”.

My thesis was simple:

1. You each have a ticket.

2. The ride is going to be up – down – and definitely twisty. 

3. It will be really fun and possibly really scary at times.

4. It may make you light-headed, queasy, disoriented, and possibly you might even puke all over yourself.


5. You will not exit the ride the same as you entered the ride.

Punchline: you have the choice whether or not to take the ride. 

But.. if you go through the turnstile, understand that there will be too much to do, in too little time, with not enough resources.  We’re going to do things that we’ve not done before and in ways that we don’t yet know how exactly we’re going to do them.  Some of you might not make it out alive.  Those that do, will, at a minimum, never be the same again…

Everyone on our team grabbed their ticket.


Would you?